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Success Story: Freemont Broughman

December 10, 2021

Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation is proud to recognize resident Freemont Broughman’s Success Story!

Mr. Freemont Broughman was admitted to Boyd Nursing in late November following complications from COVID-19. He presented to our community with generalized weakness, balance deficits and poor activity tolerance, which led to a need for significant assistance with mobility and self care. During his stay, Mr. Broughman consistently participated in physical and occupational therapy, where he immediately demonstrated his willingness and determination to work hard and regain his prior level of function. Freemont began to show improvements in all aspects of his therapy and was soon able to transfer and ambulate over 100 feet at a contact guard assist level. With his continued hard work and  perseverance, Mr. Broughman is now able to return home with the help of his family. Congratulations to Mr. Broughman and his Care Team on their success!