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Latest News

Latest News

Resident Success Story: Sharon

March 31, 2020

Sharon Lake was admitted to Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation due to a fracture of her right lower extremity. Due to this inquiry, Sharon became non-weight bearing and remained in bed for an extended amount of time.

Once Sharon was able to bear weight, she became a social butterfly! She enjoys attending activities, dining in the main dining room and is an active participant in resident council meetings.

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Resident Success Story: Dennie

March 17, 2020

Please join the community of Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation in celebrating the success of Dennie Jordan! When Dennie was admitted he was weak, reserved, and did not come out of his room to socialize. In other words, he was very shy.

Dennie has worked hard with our Therapy Department and Nursing Care Team Members. Through hard work and dedication, he has excelled by leaps and bounds. In the beginning, he required the assistance of staff and a walker to take very small trips. Now he is ambulating unassisted, sometimes without a walker, anywhere he wants to go.

Dennie enjoys going to community events and has been known to cut a pretty mean rug dancing with staff and having a spectacular time!

Congrats Dennie for all of your successes!

Resident Success Story: Wanda

March 3, 2020

Wanda Daniels was admitted to Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation with a stage 4 pressure area, recent trach reversal, significant pain, and unable to tolerate even the slightest touch.

Wanda has improved tremendously with the help of therapy and other care from our Care Team members. She is now able to be up in her wheelchair for a period of 4-6 hours with only repositioning for comfort. She smiles, has pleasant conversations, and has been able to stop the use of oxygen completely.

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