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Success Story: Susan Castle

October 19, 2023

Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to share resident Susan Castle’s Success Story!

Susan came to Boyd Nursing & Rehab in August of this year for rehabilitation after sustaining a right hip fracture following a fall. The traumatic injury left her immobile and dependent on caregiver assistance to complete basic self-care tasks. Susan and her family knew the journey to recovery would be challenging, and returning home anytime soon was not possible given the extent of her deficits. Therefore, they opted for rehabilitation at Boyd Nursing. Boyd takes a comprehensive and collaborative approach to rehabilitation.

Over the next several weeks, Susan received physical and occupational therapy services in addition to nursing, dietary, and social service interventions to facilitate a successful recovery. Susan has regained her independence to perform self-care tasks and mobility using an adaptive device. Susan is returning home with the additional support of her loving and caring children! Thank you, Susan, for the opportunity to assist you throughout your rehabilitation experience!