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Care Team Member Spotlight: Cindy Salyers

March 9, 2021

We are proud to highlight Cindy Salyers, Executive Director at Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation.  Cindy is an outstanding administrator with 42 years of experience in long-term care.

Cindy attended Boyd County High School and cherishes close ties with her community.  “I know the people well, and there’s a lot of people that come in here that their parents are people I went to school with or somebody I may know. So it’s really a home to me.”

As an administrator, she notes it’s important to take the time to give each resident personalized attention. She most enjoys these moments, “When you get to interact with the residents. When you actually get to sit and talk and find out a little bit about their life or what their favorite thing is. Or when you get to talking and you find out you might almost be related, that’s always fun.”

While the pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone in long term care, Cindy is proud of how her dedicated team has adapted and drawn closer.

“We roll with punches. Each day, you have a new regulation or new guidance. We do what we need to do for the safety and the care of our residents and the staff. We want to protect our families, our friends, our residents, and everybody. That’s what these regulations are for. And that’s what you’ve got to remember.”

Cindy says it’s important to lend a helping hand when needed.  “As executive director or a manager, especially of a small facility, you wear many hats. Each of us does our part as a patient care advocate or a patient care assistant. We step in to help take care of the residents when needed.”

Thank you Cindy for your dedication to residents and the care team members who care for them!