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Success Story: Jennie Royster

September 29, 2021

Boyd Nursing & Rehabilitation is proud to recognize Jennie Royster’s Success Story.

Mrs. Jennie Royster was admitted in July after being in the hospital for a right shoulder fracture she sustained from a fall. She was unable to return home from the hospital, as she demonstrated deficits in balance and strength, leading to an inability to care for herself safely. Mrs. Royster participated in all three therapy disciplines: physical, occupational, and speech therapies. While in the therapy gym, she worked hard, always trying to do just a little more than what was asked of her. She often encouraged her new friends during their exercises.

Due to her dedication and strong willingness throughout her treatment sessions, Mrs. Jennie made great improvements in all aspects of her mobility! She was able to ambulate over 250ft using her rollator and perform her daily self-care at a supervised level. We were thrilled that, with the support of her daughters, Mrs. Royster was able to return home! Congratulations, Mrs. Jennie, we are so happy to have been part of your success!